Active Office

This is a simple piece of software that places a shape of your choosing on your desktop that contracts and expands. This shape is a reminder to take long regular breaths. This software was designed a Portland designer. To purchase the software of to download a 5 day trial Click here.

Work Rave
This one is not as fun as it sounds. This is a free piece of software that has periodic stretch and relaxation reminders that you can customize. The full version can be downloaded for free at

RSI Guard
RSI is short for Repetitive Stress Injury. The most common of which is carpel tunnel syndrome. This software provides the user with stretches, micro breaks, usage statistics and a number of different features intended to prevent injuries from computer usage and boost productivity. A full 45 day trial version of this software can be downloaded at

My Daily Yoga
My daily yoga is a free web site that offers a yoga routine that can be performed while at your desk.
Learn more at

Google Maps Pedometer

Instructions for using the Goggle maps pedometer to create your own walking route:

1. Go to
2. Type the city and state you will begin your walk in on the top bar, hit enter
3. Use the left, right, up and down arrows to navigate the precise beginning location of your walk.
4. Hit the ‘start recording’ button and double click where you will begin
5. Left click on each intersection, turn or bend in the road to keep the distance accurate.
6. When finished with tracking your route, note the distance on the left (available in English and Metric units) and hit ‘print map’ for a copy.

Other features:

  • Elevation profile
  • Calorie counter
  • Export to GPS units

Enjoy your walk!

For additional group walks and runs visit Fit Right Northwest on the web at Thursday walks and runs available year round from Portland and Vancouver beginning at 6pm. Saturdays from NW Portland at 8am.