Dr. David Higginson

As the child of two native Oregonians, I always felt a strong connection to the Rose City. Growing up, my family traveled to Portland every summer to spend time with relatives, enjoying Oregon's amazing coast and breath-taking mountains. So, although I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, I knew Portland was where I wanted to plant my roots and pursue my passion in chiropractic.

With interests in natural medicine, sports and preventative care, chiropractic seemed like an obvious choice. I started spending time with chiropractors and learning about what it meant to be one. I was excited to learn that being a chiropractor meant much more than ‘cracking backs.’ I learned that chiropractic is a science and philosophy that encompasses a large variety of treatment methods. The founding belief of chiropractic that ‘the body has the ability to heal itself’ was completely in line with my personal philosophy of health and healing.

After graduating from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, I joined a local practice to extend the great chiropractic education I had received. Over the past few years I have worked as an associate doctor in an established chiropractic clinic and in the Outpatient clinic at the chiropractic college. As an associate chiropractor and clinic assistant I was able to learn from doctors with many years in the profession. This experience gave me a chance to try many different chiropractic techniques and determine which methods best suited my patients.

Once I had determined my own personal style it was obvious that I needed to follow that passion and open my own clinic. After many months of searching, the opportunity to work at Highland Chiropractic Clinic became my reality.

Chiropractic has been a huge part of both mine and my wife’s life for many years. I have seen what is possible when a patient is in the hands of a skilled compassionate chiropractor and I feel fortunate to be able to offer this service to others.