"At any given time over 50% of the population is dealing with a headache"

Your life is stressful enough as it is without the annoyance of a splitting headache. Headaches can make the simplest of tasks seem monumental. Most of us have experienced a headache from time to time and we know how uncomfortable a headache can be. It is hard to enjoy your day, headaches affect your personal and professional relationships.

Some headaches are caused by serious conditions, but a majority of headache come from problems in the neck. These headaches are called "cervicogenic." "Cervico" means "neck" and "Genic" means, "comes from." There has been a lot of recent medical literature demonstrating the connection between neck conditions and headaches.

These headaches can take many forms. They can feel like a band around the head, they can be at the base of your skull, they can be over your eyes, they can be over your temples and have a number of different presentations.

The good news is that we know what causes many of these headaches and we are able to help those who suffer from these headaches.

Chiropractic retores normal function to the spine. This allows the bone and the muscles of the neck to move in harmony. Only when there is proper function of the neck, will the neck be free from pain and discomfort that leads to headaches.