Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you call it a motor vehicle accident, an automobile accident, a wreck or simply a crash it is much more than a minor inconvenience. Motor Vehicle Accident have been shown to cause long lasting health related issues. New research has shown that even minor motor vehicle accidents can produce symptoms that last over a year if not treated.

There was a time when a person was thought to be faking if they claimed to have pain following a "fender bender." Current thinking has changed as science has showed how the car of today are much better at preventing mortality, but not designed to prevent the forces that someone experiences in a low speed impact.

Chiropractors have been treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents for decades. Chiropractic and a specific exercise program has been shown to be the best in treating patients who have experienced a motor vehicle accident.

Injuries sustained in an automobile accident can be treated and the long lasting symptoms can be preventing. If you have been in an automobile accident call our clinic to find out how we can help.